Dr. Hood conducts research and facilitates strategic planning workshops on the following topics:


Strategy Identification
Each engagement begins with an initial consult where we assist clients through asking and answering the 3 foundational questions of strategy–What’s our current situation? Where are we going? and How do we intend to get there?


Strategic Collaboration/Coordination/Teamwork

Differences between Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Strategy (because they are NOT the same)

Diversity & Inclusion

Social Networks

Team Effectiveness/Performance

Seeking Feedback
Creativity and Innovation
Personality Profiles
Psychological Safety
Transactive Memory
Workplace Friendship
Organizational Citizenship
Stress/Emotional Exhaustion/Burnout/Depression


Strategic Audits
Mission, Vision and Core Values
Financial Objectives (SMART and Stretch)
Strategic Objectives (SMART and Stretch)
Strategic Intent
Strategic Plan
Execution Strategy
Board of Directors

External Organizational Assessment

Industry Description
Macroenvironmental/PESTLE Analysis (including Dominant Economic Characteristics)
Five Forces Model of Competition
Dynamic Industry Analysis
Strategic Group Mapping (Diagram Required)
Competitive Intelligence
Key Success Factors
Industry Prospects

Internal Organizational Assessment

Performance Evaluation
Resources and Capabilities Analysis (Diagram Required)
SWOT Analysis (Diagram Required)
Value Chain Analysis
Competitive Strength Assessment (Diagram Required)
Strategic Issue Identification

Strategy Identification

Generic Strategy Analysis: Strategic Intent
Generic Strategy Analysis: Basis of Competitive Strategy
Generic Strategy Analysis: Product Line
Generic Strategy Analysis: Production Emphasis
Generic Strategy Analysis: Marketing Emphasis
Generic Strategy Analysis: Keys to Maintaining Strategy
Generic Strategy Analysis: Resources and Capabilities Analysis
Financial Analysis: Profitability Ratios (Diagram Required)
Financial Analysis: Liquidity Ratios (Diagram Required)
Financial Analysis: Leverage Ratios (Diagram Required)

Strategic Timing

Offensive Strategic Moves
First Mover Advantage
Defensive Strategic Moves
Timing of Strategic Moves
Horizontal Integration/Strategic Alliances
Vertical Integration